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About Us
We are located in Erie, Pennsylvania and come directly to your home for behavior consultation and hands-on training.  There is no additional fee for travel within a 30 minute driving distance. We are willing to travel outside of Erie 
and the surrounding area based on the client need

 Our fee is $69.00 per hour; Travel fees, if necessary
are happily discussed prior to consultation. 
Lengthy travel fees (1 hour or more) must be paid in advance.
Canine Connection is owned and operated exclusively by: 
Eileen K Murdock. member APDT

The purpose and goal of my business is to enhance the quality of the relationship between pet owners and their dogs through education and the practice of using basic leadership skills to correct unwanted behavior issues exhibited by their pets. 
My focus is on helping humans to achieve better understanding of the nuances of dog psychology and the way that pack mentality, influences and directs the                                                                        dog’s behavior. 
My experience working with and handling dogs spans 33 years when I first began working with Joan Wienczkowsi, the founder of Proud Land Kennels here in Erie.  Joan's business has achieved an excellent reputation in the area as being the premium choice for dog obedience at her facility. 
Throughout the years I have participated in many beginner as well as advanced classes not only in training my own dogs but also acting as “handler” for friends and family member’s animals.  Through Joan’s exceptional tutelage I have learned a great deal regarding obedience training and the successful methods of using only 
positive reinforcement when working with and
handling all varieties of dog breeds.
About 17 years ago my desire to further increase my knowledge and experience with dogs led me to Knapp farm and Terry Peterson, a professional dog handler and hunt guide.  Terry coached and supervised me with hunt training instruction, along with guiding and handling techniques for my dogs on                 upland game birds. 
This training lead to my success with directing and handling dogs in the 
field for numerous hunting parties on a 
personal and professional basis.  
I have entered and obtained qualifying scores and finish titles with all of my dogs in numerous AKC hunt test events throughout the years.  
The atmosphere surrounding the events was so enjoyable that I took on the task of obtaining the education and apprenticeship necessary to become an 
AKC sanctioned Hunt Test Judge. 
For the past 15 years I have participated in many events, instructing and judging handlers along with their dogs in their quest to qualify and pass the rigorous requirements
to earn AKC Hunting Titles.
In February of 2009 I began volunteering my services to the Humane Society of NW Pennsylvania, exercising, working with and teaching obedience to the dogs at the shelter.  
I observed that 90% of the dogs in rescue were there due to behavioral issues, but noted that almost all of those issues 
could easily be resolved by the human 
learning to take on a leadership role with the dog.
I worked extensively with dogs that lacked social skills and those with fear based issues and anxiety. I developed and posted protocol for the staff to use with specific dogs on occasion to assure rehabilitation and aid in adoption.
In using the techniques acquired over many years, I observed an immediate positive response from all the dogs at the shelter.  By volunteering, I found myself in a position to offer advice and answer questions from an ever growing eager general public in addition to other professional dog handlers in the area.  
Through this interaction, I determined there was a 
great need to share the gift I had working with all dogs. 
I wanted to make a profound difference in the lives of
people and their pets.  
From there Canine Connection LLC.soon became a reality.
I have consulted with and reviewed my program with
Deborah J. Abt V.M.D. the owner of "4 Feet and Fur" in home veterinary services, for Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  Dr. Abt was instrumental in helping design a Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire and provided additional information used to format some handouts. I have many guidelines that I have authored and provide to my clients for reference during and after their sessions.
We are very proud to say that in March of 2011 Canine Connection was sought out by the Animal Welfare Society of Monroe County in the Stroudsburg/Pocono area of eastern Pennsylvania, to assist in evaluating the mental well being of 7 German Shepherd dogs seized in a highly publicized case of cruelty, and severe neglect. We designed programs, implemented protocol and provided education to the staff and adoption applicants to
assure successful rehabilitation for each dog.
All of the abused dogs have been successfully 
adopted into loving homes!
In the past 9 years; since inception, we have worked with, designed and implemented successful behavior rehabilitation programs for well over
1,200 dogs and their grateful owners!
I am an advocate for and promote structured 
obedience classes for puppies
and dogs in an effort to build self esteem and social skills
with other dogs as well as people.
My business is registered with the state of Pennsylvania and   insured through Erie Insurance Group.  I am also a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and have accrued over 30 hours of continuing education, including 14 hours on Sociability vs Aggression Thresholds in Dogs with Sue Sternberg in August of 2017. 
I hope that this information will aid in your
decision to participate with
“Canine Connection” LLC.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
Eileen K. Murdock  owner/trainer
Client Testimonials

In May of this year, I made a choice to rescue a 1 year old, high energy German Shepherd Dog named Mya.  I had met with her several times before I considered taking her because I was to be her third home.  I am a strong believer that most dogs can be rehabilitated and I was certainly put to the test.  I was told Mya did not like cars, children, strangers and other dogs!  She was going to be a challenge!  I knew I could not do this alone and was referred to Eileen Murdock with Canine Connection through my veterinarian.   

Eileen came to my home where she was able to evaluate Mya and coach me on dog psychology and behavior.  We both saw the great potential in Mya.  True to the German Shepherd breed Mya is extremely intelligent and can be at times quite challenging.  With Eileen’s help I was able to understand how my behavior affects Mya and what goes on in her mind.  I have also learned a great deal of patience and practicing calm while working with Mya. 
We take walks almost daily to Presque Isle state park.  In the beginning she would lunge at other dogs, some bikes and people.  As we continued to walk, teaching her to “ignore” the distractions, we very quickly learned to walk as a team.  Our goal; by the end of summer, was to get to Sara’s for ice cream.  In August, Mya had her first official play date with a chocolate lab (also a year old).  I used a muzzle initially just to be sure they would get along together.  After several minutes I took the muzzle off and away they went, chasing and playing in the yard.  She looked so happy!  I have gained a great deal of confidence in my ability as a leader in addition to Mya’s ability learning to become more confident and social. Mya and I went to Sara’s for ice cream on September 4th!   Mya met and exceeded my expectations and we had a wonderful time!  I highly recommend Canine Connection for all dog owners to help them become good leaders and to understand how to speak the language of the dog!  Thank you very much Eileen!
Tammy Trump and Mya 
Erie, PA

Awesome is the best word to describe my new relationship with my dogs after taking the Canine Connection - "In Home People Training For Dogs" program.  It was SO worth every cent!  I have had dogs my entire life, but never realized or understood what it would mean to be the true alpha in the household.  Eileen Murdock, the owner and trainer of the program astounded me within 15 minutes of being in my home!  I always thought that being the true alpha would mean being much harder on my dogs than I wanted to be in terms of training and discipline.  I was very wrong.  I am now able to be in total control of my pups, yet continue to be loving and gentle.  My dogs are happier with me as pack leader.  I feel in control while walking them, without worrying that I may lose them, or be pulled down and injured.  I highly recommend this program and will always be grateful to Eileen for her training and support in my home, walking the dogs, vet appointments, and through e-mail contact whenever I have a question or concern. 


 Rebecca Wellejus  
with Charley: Clumber Spaniel
 Erie, Pennsylvania   

Hello my name is Barbara Horgan of Wylie, Texas.  

My family used the services of Canine Connection and its owner, Eileen Murdock in April of this year.  I am the owner of four Golden Retrievers.  One we raised from a pup, the other 3 are rescues.  We have a small backyard and walk the dogs each morning and evening (weekends they go swimming) so providing them with exercise was never the problem.  The walks; for years, were unbearable.  Frisco (the one we have had since a pup) was leash aggressive.  We could not pass another dog; while on leash, or a runner, someone on a bike and even walkers without him rearing up, lunging and barking aggressively. 
In the past I have been thrown to the ground (and injured) trying to restrain him, frightened other people while in public and have been totally humiliated by his behavior.  To say the least walking my dog(s) was not a joy. Sadly, my other male picked up on his behavior and began to act the same way.  Now the problem compounded.  One of my females came to us with similar issues.  I hired other trainers to help resolve the behavior issues and although they had great suggestions, they were not able to help me understand that in order for my dogs to obey they had to first view me as their leadership figure.  Canine Connection and their “In home people training for dogs” philosophy did! 
The first thing Eileen did was to teach me that we do not go out the door with the dogs in a state of excitement.  I could not believe that such a simple act makes a huge difference!  I was to focus on my own energy and create what I wanted.  Very quickly the dogs learned to relax and sit back and wait until I was ready.  Eileen encouraged me to “be the queen of the sidewalk”.  We addressed all the walking issues I was experiencing with my dogs.  How to properly walk the dogs, when the right time to correct them if an issue might arise and if a problem does unexpectedly surface (fence fighting), that I take the time to have a lesson in making sure they understand what behavior I do want before we move on.  No longer is my thought process, “Oh no, a dog/person is coming”, it is now “Bring it on”!
After working with Canine Connection the neighborhood runners no longer turn the opposite way when they see us walking our dogs and the dogs no longer have interest in walkers or people on bikes.  We do; on occasion, have issues with an excitable oncoming dog, but usually a quick correction given before my dogs become overly excitable does the trick.  The difference is incredible.  Walking our dogs is a joy again!
Thank you so much, Eileen.  Your knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement are superb.  I AM the Queen!
Barbara Horgan

Wiley, Texas              

Hello, my name is Jennifer McDonough from Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Last year, my family sought the help of “Canine Connection” with Eileen Murdock, after having had Henry (our deaf Catahoula hound) for about 6 months.  Henry is a rescue who spent the first year of his life in various shelters, and endured significant abuse and neglect before we took him into our home.  He was an angel for the first two or three weeks with us.  And then his true colors surfaced!  He was very energetic and excited to have a home where he could safely expose his mischievous side.  This was a huge challenge in terms of training and correcting, obviously because the only tool available to us was sign language.  Over time his bad behavior was creating extreme chaos in our home and was causing a great deal of stress in our lives.
At the end of our ropes, and seeing no other option than to return him to the foster parents he came from, we called Canine Connection.  Little did Eileen know, she was facing some pretty extreme skepticism, simply because we had tried everything we knew how to try, and we didn't expect anyone to come up with anything different.  The day that Eileen arrived and simply entered our home was amazing enough to turn our skepticism around!  She took control of the situation immediately.  She spent all the time we needed just listening to us vent, and comforting us on the subject of a dog we had recently lost. She explained her methods of teaching humans to communicate with dogs from a canine perspective and why it works so efficiently.  When she tells you that she provides people training for dogs, she means it!  And it works!
When Eileen returned to implement Henry’s program it was just as amazing.  She gave us an entire folder with a training plan for us to reference any time we need to (we still use it).  She went over that plan with us in detail, and then modeled the strategies for us. Henry’s response was completely positive.  Eileen has an amazing gift of observing a situation quickly and being able to read everyone involved, human and dog.  She adapted her entire therapy to Henry’s special needs (deafness) and our methods for dealing with that. She taught us the importance of being calm, confident, and always in control, and we still use that formula in many other aspects of our lives!
Last month, Henry had his annual checkup and our vet could not believe the difference in him.  This time he stayed relaxed through the entire waiting room visit and physical exam.  That is absolutely amazing, since the year before he had to be muzzled AND was given his shots outside in the parking lot, because he would not even enter the building!  We were so proud of him, and that would have never been possible without Canine Connection. We are eternally grateful, and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone owning a dog with behavior problems!
With immeasurable gratitude,
Jennifer N. McDonough    
Additional Testimonial
Edison is a one year old 80 pound, high energy American Bull Dog mix…Fantastic Job Hannah and Sam I am so impressed with the progress  you have made in such a short time! update October 2012: I was recently made aware that Edison is currently actively involved in an advanced agility program! Way to go family!
                                                April 30, 2012  
Hi Eileen,
Things are going very well!  Edi is progressing nicely.  He’s starting to grasp and understand house rules with little complaint.  He & Tess play in the yard very nicely together until they’re pooped!  The new house rules have definitely given Tess a boost of confidence around Ed, and she’s not afraid to put him in his place when needed.  Between the rules, restrictions, and more exercise (compliments of Tess), Ed is finally learning to RELAX! 
He has now become one of the best dogs I have seen on lead.  He very rarely even attempts to pull ahead and heels nicely with only a slight correction.  When focused on other dogs or people on the sidewalks, a correction or simple “leave it” command redirects and we keep on walking eyes forward.  We’ve been walking them all over the neighborhood in their backpacks, to help drain their energy!  
Last week, we walked past the park where a soccer game was going on.   A young boy asked to pet our dogs, and both sat calmly for pets and affection.  Now with a better handle on Ed’s behavior, we are looking forward to enrolling him in an intermediate obedience class and watch him excel once again. Thanks again for all your help.  We really appreciate the advice and guidance! Control/Click here blog for Hannah's photo blog about us!
 Thank you – Hannah Kirby and Sam Caraballo   
 Erie, Pennsylvania
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