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 More Client Testimonials

Hi Eileen
I just wanted to let you know the dog you met a couple months ago is no longer here.  We have the same Ragnar, but he is acting like a completely different dog.  We have been implementing your instructions and Ragnar now does the following:
1.  Sits on the porch unleashed and watches the chipmunks and squirrels.  He no longer feels the need to be on constant patrol.
2.  Walks unleashed by my side - or Dave's - and usually needs only a  verbal cue to stay focused.
3.  No longer sees every car going down our dirt road as a threat that he needs to alert us to.
4.  Can calmly look through the windows of the house at turkeys, groundhogs and other moving critters that used to make him want to go through the glass.
5.  Can sit on the porch - leashed - and observe strangers without barking viscously at them (We simply coach him, and he does not escalate).
6. Can walk on a leash without pulling.
7.  Comes immediately when called.
8.  He is relaxed and more affectionate.
All of these successes are on the property.  He is still a work in process in public.  He has allowed the lady at the corn stand to pet him when he was in the truck, but basically ignores people when he is in a vehicle. No barking or snarling.
Another positive note, we had a contractor come out to make some adjustments here at the house.  Ragnar lay down by him and allowed himself to be petted!    
Ragnar still has his moments where he forgets himself but 95% of the time, he is doing the right things.  So...not only did you save Ragnar's life by showing us there was a solution for his behavior issues, you also helped us develop Ragnar into an obedient and happy dog.  A far cry from the hopeless "aggressive" shelter dog that another trainer suggested we euthanize.  Dave is especially grateful your input stopped us from making a terrible decision in putting Ragnar down. It would have broken his heart. They are a happy twosome. This dog means the world to him.
We can’t thank you enough,
Bev and Dave Strelec
Erie, PA

This is from another trainer who is also a member of the APDT.  We made contact through a members only help page. Her dog was very excitable and aggressively reactive to motorcycles both in and out of the car on and off leash.

Dear Eileen, 

An entire week and the only thing Jackson actually barked at was a bird!!  He whined and struggled with himself trying not to bark at a bicyclist and only gave a head pop in the direction of the sound of motorcycles going by. 
He's now sitting with his big hinny on the back seat, his front paws on the floor, and his head resting on the console.... Sooooo much better than the hyper vigilance he was exhibiting about a month ago!!
I realize I have to maintain this forward motion...each day gets easier and easier ... He put in a full day of therapy work today.  I can see he's honing those skills with more ease as he relaxes into his "new" self.  I can't thank you enough for reaching out and helping me with Jax. It's amazing how as a trainer we sometimes cannot see the forest for the trees.   My, what a world you have opened up for me!
Have a great weekend!  I'll get a good pic of my boy rocking his newly earned therapy vest as he's passed his tests!!
Joanne/Jackson  Florida  member APDT (Association of Professional   
                                                                                         Dog Trainers)

Hello my name is Kathe Bryson from Waterford Pa.
I have a 4 year old male Berger Picard named Kordell.  This breed is considered rare and only AKC recognized in 2007, although it has an ancient history in France. Our dog has been great but we became concerned of his behavior around strangers.  I was referred to Canine Connection and Eileen Murdock, by Kordell's basic obedience teacher who termed him "aggressive".  

Wanting to train my dog properly I arranged for Eileen to do an in home evaluation and consultation. I have to say I was somewhat skeptical; however, she had obviously done her homework about the breed which impressed me.  She asked questions and watched us interact with Kordell and quickly determined that what was previously labeled as aggression was actually a manifestation of his insecurity!  She instructed our family on how to approach Kordell by being the pack leader. 

Well, there has been such an improvement in Kordell’s overall behavior.  Now he looks to me for what to do and for how to behave. He is slowly becoming better around strangers.  I plan on continuing Eileen's instruction indefinitely.  I have even been able to email or call Eileen about various questions and she gets back to me in a helpful timely fashion.  I would highly recommend Eileen and her company, Canine Connection for all dog behavior concerns.

Kathe S. Bryson, M.D.             
Waterford, PA 

Hello, my name is Heidi May and I live in Riva, Maryland.  I first met Eileen Murdock from Canine Connection, in March of 2011.  The Animal Welfare Society of Monroe County (AWSOM) asked for her help with seven German Shepherd dogs that were seized in a cruelty case.  When I heard of the plight of these dogs I knew I had to take action and offer the hope of a new home and love; probably for the first time in their lives.
I have had a great deal of past experience with German Shepherds and I thought I knew everything I needed to know about handling and training, but these two rescue shepherds came with considerable "baggage" and nothing I did to correct their behavior was working.  Foxy was only 37 lbs when she was found and she was literally a day away from dying of starvation. Rescued from ghastly surroundings, she was a breeder who, at 3 years old, never saw daylight and had little to no human contact. She was afraid of her own shadow, would not eat, and would pee all over herself if she became stressed and anxious (which was all the time).
My second rescue was her polar opposite. Buddy was a very large, young male with aggression issues. He would bark uncontrollably at anybody who came on our property, he would snap at and jump on people; he would posture viciously in the car and attack windshield wipers, vacuum cleaners, cell phones etc… He was becoming increasingly hard to handle and difficult to control. With having young children in my home and their safety being paramount, I thought I had no choice but to surrender him back to the shelter.  
I am happy to now report that, after contacting and consulting with Canine Connection and by following Eileen’s instructions to the letter, both my dogs have evolved into wonderful, well balanced family dogs. We have a very busy home with people coming and going all the time.  Both dogs have turned into happy, playful, contented and well behaved members of the family. They romp and play with the kids, listen when given commands, and almost all of the unwanted behavior issues have become a thing of the past.
When we come home from being gone during the day, the house is as we left it, with no signs of anxiety or excitement.  Both dogs behave beautifully in the car, and do not show any aggression towards people or any other animals when out in public. I owe it ALL to Canine Connection.
Thank you so much Eileen, we couldn't have done it without you!  Buddy and Foxy thank you as well!
Heidi May
Riva, Maryland
Foxy & Buddy May
 Client authored status updates... 
This note came in only two days after our training session! 

                                                  February 19, 2014
Hello Eileen,
I just wanted to let you know that so far we have had a great couple of days.  Only a few corrections are required and mostly at the onset and as we are approaching home.  The most important thing to report is....this morning as we were heading down the driveway, a gentleman was walking his golden retriever.  I am proud to say I immediately corrected Duke upon the perk up/notice and he barked and attempted to do his "spin" but only jumped about as high as my hip, spun and then stopped and watched them go by.  The golden was barking the entire time but Duke did really well.  After he did his business we went in the same direction, following them and he stayed right with me (no pulling) but had his eye on them, I would tap the leash a little to regain his focus but thought we did good.  In order to maintain my composure I proceeded to exchange pleasantries with the gentlemen so I wasn't focused on Duke and he could see all was good.
Susan Robinson
Erie, PA
 My reply~
Dear Susan,
That is wonderful news; you passed your first challenge with flying colors!  It’s important to remember that he is going to want to practice behaviors that he has learned to practice over time, and it is just reactionary.  He’s not even thinking about it when it happens.  Keep your focus on the new rules… and the new rule is, no more spinning and over reacting at the site of another dog or anything else that gets him riled up.  His only job is to follow you!  Whole heartily enjoy his successes and remember that when he does make a mistake; it’s merely an opportunity to teach, so even those are not “bad” either!   Your timing sounds perfect and you were able to redirect him very quickly.  The goal is keep him from escalating so at this point it’s more important to keep your focus there, rather than on him ignoring the other dog, that will come with time.  Still correct and redirect him from staring/fixating.  You’re doing an excellent job, keep up the good work!
March  11, 2012                                                                  
Dear Eileen,

I just thought I’d give you an update on how Dozer is doing.  He has come a long way since you visited us.  He hardly ever exhibits any nervous/shy behavior when strangers come to our house and absolutely NEVER when he is on the lead outside walking. He is very obedient and even comes when called when off the leash playing outside.  A few times he was put to the test when playing fetch and another dog was walking with an adult.  Although at first he took off towards the dog/adult; when we called him to come, he indeed turned around and returned right to our side.
His barking is also much more under control.  We do not need to use the yellow lead any longer.  If he is barking at a passerby, we just tell him to come to remove him from the window area and he stops. It is amazing how far he has come in such a short time!

And; best of all, he absolutely loves Bob!  They have truly bonded and no one would ever believe the earlier trust/fear issues we had in that area.
We are definitely a pack of three and Dozer knows who the leaders are.  It is such a delight having him around.  We take him everywhere with us. We can't thank you enough for all your help! 
Hopefully things are going well for you and the business.  We are looking forward to introducing Dozer to the water and swimming in the spring. 
Thanks again,

Jan Brabender
Erie, Pennsylvania                                     
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